Mass Tourism in Benidorm and at the Costa Blanca
Spain, October 2013

Benidorm has the most skyscrapers per capita in the World. It has two beaches, each one more then 2.5 km long. Next to the hotels there are mostly beach bars and casinos. Pensioners and young, mostly male drinking Tourists from England, Germany and the Netherlands are mixing on the beach promenade. A lot of tourists are taking the airport of Alicante, which is close by. Places for new buildings are dug out of the hills at the coast. Through the tiny gaps between the hotels the cut edge of earth is looking through.
At the coast between Alicante and Denia, the Costa Blanca, I met people to portrait at the shopping malls. A permanent tourist from Germany is coming twice a week for the Berlin Curry stand. I took a portrait of him with his cabriolet and the big billbooards in the background. These are covering the hills and blocking a lot of views. A guy reading calmly next to the entrance of the mall had glasses which were hold by paper clips around his head. He also wore a toothbrush in his back pocket.